Tuesday, August 26, 2014


So today is August 26,2014 and im on my 13 Week out - As most of you already know this magazine article was printed as last weeks issue....  I was interviewd from a company called Barcroft media while i was in Vegas at my last national show!!

Now I did interview for this - as i was told that a Womens Magazine in the UK was interested in doing a story on me and they were fasinated by my transformation! So i agreed thinking nothing can be published with me signing a contract or at least making something from it. So i answered a bunch of different questions on many different occassions during my show prep and mini vacation! Then all of a sudden i got asked to do a documenatary on me.. They were going to fly someone in to iteview me and following me around all day and see what a daily routine was like. Upon that i had to ask i there was  contract in which there was ... I also had to ask about compensaiton which there was as well but very little ... This copanies contract came over so bad my lawyer asked me if i was freakin crazy! .... and he then stated i would even have my dog sign that ! ... So little did i know they wanted the rights to everything they were doing .. pictures, story and all...  So i backed out... there is no reason to go after the first thing that  comes to you! ...   So after turning them down i just find out wow they sold my story to a magazine company and prob made some nice $$ plus i didnt sign anything... The story is true and im hoping it reaches out to many girls or guys dealing with the same issues.... More people do then you think! ...

Something like this doesnt bother me nothing ever will.... Always keep moving forward to bigger better things .... Dreams and goals are only as far as you let them be...!  Im Chasing my dreams not following them .... you do the same!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


In life you can achieve anything you put your mind too !!! Even when people talk negative or tell you that you can't do something .... use that as fuel to feed your fire !!! The only one ever holding you back is yourself .... if you can't block out the negative and focus on the goal .. you will be the only reason to fail ... Things don't come easy ... if they did we would all do it!!! everyone will have struggles or bumps in the road but you need to dig deep to succeed and put yourself on top! Look in the mirror it's your only competition and ask yourself "how bad do you want it?"

Friday, August 15, 2014

Happy Friday everyone! .... I finally have gained 12lbs back from post contest prep...! Feels good to be full and being able to lift the heavy weights again! Although i am really looking forward to the next prep!... Tomorrow marks 14 Weeks out from Nationals in Ft Lauderdale in November i can not wait! Im so excited...  Right now im currently just eating and having fun with foods :) Giving my body what it needs. If you dont your body will never respond to a diet program, everyoe has to have an off season! Mine just are not that long this time around well this whole year bc of all the shows but i feel good im not drained and im ready to go! ...  Follow your dreams that is what it takes! Always ask yourself How Bad Do You Want It??

Thursday, August 14, 2014

mike's Smashed Apple Ale

Good Evening Everyone,

Today is Thursday August 14, 2014 I am getting close to being 14 Weeks out from another National show! ... Im still having fun with my food and not being to strict... but training but butt of in the gym to put on whatever size i can for the next prep. With my body i probably wont start prep till 10 or 8 weeks out bc i dont need that much time to dial it in! I will be posting lots of Food tips and training tips as i go... Along with Videos and picture updates! :) See you guys all real soon and thank you for all the support!!!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Theresa Ivancik

Hello and Welcome to my Blog Page,

I will be keeping updates of training workouts and fitness tips every week for your viewing!

I look forward to speaking and meeting everyone in the network!!